Priority Items

NESA Approved: 2023 CSNSW Education Law Symposium (Ref: 129/23)

The NSW Education Standards Authority has approved the 2023 CSNSW Education Law Symposium programme, on July 6, as constituting 6 hours of NESA approved governance training. Those participants who are deemed to be ‘responsible persons’ for the provision of ‘proper governance’ under the NSW Education Act 1990 who attend the full programme can use the 6 hours to contribute towards their mandatory NESA approved training obligation of 12 hours in each three year period.

Topics included in the programme include the Regulatory Review of Section 83C of the NSW Education Act 1990; NESA Reform of Teacher Accreditation and Non-government School Registration; Cybersecurity; Risk Management and Student Attendance and Behaviour, Future planning for the teaching workforce, and Religious Freedom.

For further information about the program and registration, go to

Limited tickets left.

Extension of course assessment flexibility for Year 12 HSC students (Ref: 118/23)

The NESA Board has approved extending COVID Smart settings for HSC course assessment flexibility for Year 12 students to 30 September 2024.

In September 2022, NESA extended the flexible school-based assessment arrangements for Years 11 and 12 in 2023.

The rules give principals and System Authorities the authority to determine the number, type and weighting of tasks for Year 12 school-based assessment.

As the expiry of the extension approaches, the NESA Board has approved a further extension for Year 12 students only until 30 September 2024.

The extension will maintain current arrangements for schools and students and give additional time for the policy to be properly evaluated in the context of broader HSC reforms, due to take place throughout 2023 and 2024.

NESA will draft an Assessment Certification Examination (ACE) Rule amendment to be published on the NESA website on or before 30 September 2023. The rule will formally notify principals, teachers and students of the extension to the course assessment flexibility rules and the duration of the extension.

Professional Learning

SAVE THE DATE: HALT Workshop (Ref: 128/23)

Calling aspiring and accredited HALTs!

On Thursday 13 July from 9:00 am to 12:00 midday, Catholic Schools NSW and the NSW HALT Association are hosting a workshop for aspiring HALTs to work with accredited HALTs to progress their submission.

Join colleagues to share questions, queries, and check your thinking. Make connections to take away from the event and build an ongoing collegial network of support.

Depending on numbers, face to face and zoom options will be available.

For further information or support, contact Mary Ryan, Head of Professional Learning and Accreditation, via email or call 0409 606 437.


SAVE THE DATE: CSNSW Assessment and Data Symposium: Insights for Learning and Engagement (Ref: 127/23)

SAVE THE DATE for Friday 29 September 2023 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at the Hilton Hotel Sydney.

The symposium will include keynotes, panels, facilitated discussions and networking opportunities.

Themes will include:

  • Standardised assessments and beyond,
  • Artificial intelligence, and
  • Early years to post school destinations.

Confirmed speakers include Dr Tim O’Leary, Educational Data Talks, Melbourne University, and Professor Jim Tognolini, Centre for Educational Measurement and Assessment. Other speakers to be announced soon.

The full day symposium will begin a series of assessment and data events including masterclasses and a virtual symposium.

A registration link will be made available soon.

For further information or support, contact Mary Ryan via email or call 0409 606 437.


SAVE THE DATE: 3-6 Mathematics and English New Syllabus Symposium (Ref: 125/23)

From 9 am – 3:30 pm on 15 September, join Catholic Schools NSW, Dioceses, system and school leaders and teachers for a deep dive into the new 3-6 Mathematics and English syllabuses. This event will be hosted and live streamed from the diocese of Wilcannia Forbes.

Led by subject matter experts, the day will consider the intent and purpose of the syllabuses, offer an overview of the syllabuses and key focus areas, and examine the shifts in content between K-2 and 3-6.

The day will be facilitated in front of an audience, live streamed to a remote audience, and recorded for post symposium access.

A registration link will be made available closer to the event.

For further information or support, contact Mary Ryan via email or call 0409 606 437.


Meet the Marker HSC Analysis Series – 2022 STA NSW (Ref: 122/23)

One of the most helpful and sought after types of professional learning for senior secondary teachers is participation in marking Higher School Certificate Examinations in their subject area. Unfortunately, that opportunity is not available to all teachers, so the Science Teachers Association of NSW has designed a professional learning activity for those who cannot be involved in marking.

The “Meet the Marker HSC Analysis 2022 Series” includes the Stage 6 Science course workshops for Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science, Physics, Investigating and Extension Science. Each video is 2 hours in length and consists of HSC markers unpacking the results of the previous year’s HSC science exam questions and can be recorded as a NESA Elective PD.

This has been a highly popular form of professional learning and places are limited.

Meet the Markers is also highly recommended for both early career teachers taking senior classes for the first time as well as experienced practitioners.

You may need to create a CSNSW Learning Portal profile by clicking here and then coming back and following the links above.

For further information or support, please contact Mary Ryan via email or ring 0409 606 437


Mathematics K-2 New Syllabus Scope and Sequence (Ref: 121/23)

In this module, Christine Mae presents practical considerations for designing an effective Mathematics scope and sequence. Be advised on key features of the syllabus and the nature of and approaches to scope and sequence. Gain an overview of the outcomes and content for each focus area and create a sample scope and sequence.

The new K-2 Mathematics syllabus: Develop an effective scope and sequence EARLY STAGE 1

The new K-2 Mathematics syllabus: Develop an effective scope and sequence PART A STAGE 1

The new K-2 Mathematics syllabus: Develop an effective scope and sequence PART B STAGE 1

Each session can be recorded as NESA Elective PD addressing standard descriptor 2.2.2 – organise content into coherent, well sequenced learning and teaching programs. 

You may need to create a CSNSW Learning profile by clicking here and then coming back and following the links above.

For further information or support, please contact Mary Ryan via email or call 0409 606 437


Australian Academy of Science Professional Learning Opportunities (Ref: 120/23)

The Australian Academy of Science provides independent, authoritative, and influential scientific advice, promotes international scientific engagement, builds public awareness and understanding of science, and champions, celebrates and supports excellence in Australian science.

The Academy strives to support and promote science through a range of programs and activities.

The Academy is currently offering several free online Professional Learning courses during term 3 for primary school teachers.

The Primary Connections courses include the following:

  • Unpacking the 5E model
  • Exploring assessment
  • Supporting student investigations
  • Making your classroom a mathematics community
  • Deepening learning with high level tasks
  • The active role of the teacher

Enrolments open 26 June 2023 and courses open 10 July – 1 October.

Enrol via the professional learning tab on the primary connections webpage.


Resources for Learning

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholic Council (Ref: 130/23)

The National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholic Council (NATSICC) has created resources to inspire and support Schools and Parishes in their celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday. These Liturgical resources are flexible and can be adapted to suit the diverse needs of communities across Australia. Parishes and Schools are encouraged to work with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to incorporate Traditional rituals and symbols into their celebrations.
Access the resources HERE.

The National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholic Council (NATSICC), founded in 1992, is the peak advisory body to the Australian Catholic Bishops on issues relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholics. Learn more on their website, including interactive calendar of Catholic dates of significance alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dates, and excellent resources.


Foundations for Early Learning Resources (Ref: 126/23)

Did you know about our EARLY YEARS resource?

The Foundations for Learning website is full of resources that are perfect for transition to school programs and kindergarten orientation and support the wonderful work that is happening across our early learning centres and schools.


  • Assist teachers and educators to engage families in the early learning of their children;
  • Assist families and educators reflect on how children learn at home and at school;
  • Provide practical, evidence-based activities to support literacy and numeracy skills/development aligned to the NSW Syllabus, Early Years Learning Framework and Australian Curriculum; and
  • Reinforce Catholic schools’ commitment to work in partnership with all families to support children’s learning and wellbeing.


The recent addition to the website is a suite of resources to support children with diverse learning needs in the early years. There are 6 new pages titled – Belonging, Being, Becoming, Transition, Literacy and Numeracy and Receiving a Diagnosis. They can be used to support conversations with parents and carers and provide helpful suggestions on how families can support their child’s development in the home.

Explore more here!


School Updates & Newsletter

Australian Teacher Workforce Data Survey (Ref: 131/23)

The Australian Teacher Workforce Data (ATWD)  provides a comprehensive picture of the teaching workforce nationally, to help us understand how to build a sustainable teaching profession for the future.

Each year, through the ATWD Survey, teachers around Australia are sharing the rewards and challenges of teaching, to provide greater understanding of how to better support our profession.

CSNSW encourages you to join the growing ‘Teacher Voice’ to help us learn more about:

  • The hours you spend on teaching and non-teaching activities.
  • Your well-being and career intentions
  • Whether your qualifications and expertise are being fully utilised.
  • The types of support early career teachers need for a fulfilling career.
  • The career pathways of teachers.

Every teacher has a unique experience. To understand the modern teaching career, we need all teachers to share their experiences annually.

The ATWD Survey is the largest survey in Australian education and is providing the evidence we need to build a sustainable teaching profession. It takes only 10-15 minutes to complete and is for all registered teachers and leaders across schools and early childhood services Australia.

The ATWD Survey will be emailed to all registered teachers between August and October 2023. Look out for an invitation from your teacher regulatory authority.

New Take it Down platform preventing the unwanted spread of intimate child images online (Ref: 119/23)

A new weapon has emerged to help young people regain their online privacy after they have unwillingly or unwittingly shared an intimate image or video of themselves with a malicious recipient. The Take it Down platform empowers young people (under 18) from anywhere in the world to remove or stop the online sharing of nude, partially nude, or sexually explicit images or videos taken of them.

Meta, the company behind Facebook and Instagram, has joined Take it Down, developed by the US National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, to help young people to remove intimate images or videos of themselves from the internet.

This service is provided on an anyonymous basis and does not require any images or videos to be uploaded to their system. Take it Down sends a unique fingerprint of the intimate content to their participating social media/content distribution platforms who use the fingerprint to block the content. The participating platforms are: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pornhub, OnlyFans, Clips4Sale and Yubo.

Image based abuse can also be reported to eSafety or the police.