2024 CSSA Trial HSC Examinations - Information for Schools to Assist with Preparation (Ref: 129/24)

2024 CSSA Trial HSC Examinations FINAL Timetable

The 2024 CSSA Trial HSC Examinations FINAL Timetable was made available to schools in early Term 2 and is available on the CSSA website via the link

The dates for the 2024 CSSA Trial HSC Examinations Timetable are

  • Monday 5 August and concludes Monday 19 August

The 2024 CSSA Trial HSC Examinations Security Period is

  • up to, and inclusive of, Wednesday 21 August 2024  
  • Examinations, including examination related materials and student scripts, can be returned to students from 8.00 am, Thursday 22 August 2024  

Delivery Rounds

First Round Deliveries

  1. For schools that have ordered examinations per cohort (one per student) and using the 2024 CSSA Trial HSC Examination Timetable
  2. Delivered to schools from Tuesday 23 July to Friday 26 July 2024 (Week 1, Term 3)
  3. Delivery includes four information documents in support of school preparation for the CSSA Trial HSC Examinations
  4. Electronic signature is required from the school representative receiving the CSSA delivery
  5. Date, time and location of delivery will be electronically collected
  6. Ensure secure storage of boxes immediately upon delivery

Second Round Deliveries

  1. Schools that have purchased a minimum order of examinations (5 copies per subject)
  2. Orders will be delivered to schools from Monday 9 September 2024 (Week 8, Term 3)
  3. Electronic signature is required from the school representative receiving the delivery
  4. Date, time and location of delivery will be electronically collected

CSSA Terms and Conditions

Principals are reminded to ensure the CSSA Terms and Conditions are adhered to by school executive, teachers and other staff members.

Request for change of details in School Account in CSSA website

Each school is responsible for updating their school account details in the CSSA website. This information was provided to schools in the 2024 CSSA Principal Information Package.

Student Resources

Catholic School Parents Australia​​​​​​​'s Free Family Engagement Resources (Ref: 125/24)

Catholic School Parents Australia has developed free resources to strengthen the home-school partnership! The new video workshops help guide primary and secondary parents, principals, and school staff to take a holistic approach to their children’s well-being and educational experience.

The resources also include guides for local facilitators to run through the video workshops in collaborative sessions with principals, staff and families.  Insights from experts like Andrew Fuller, John Hattie and Donna Cross inform the workshop’s research-backed strategies.

The resources can be found on the Gearing Up for Parent Engagement website.


Employment Opportunities

Apply Now: 2025 CSSA Trial HSC Examinations – Expressions of Interest for Convenors (Ref: 128/24)

The Head of CSSA Exams is seeking expressions of interest for the following positions.

A Convenor for the 2025 CSSA Trial HSC Examination:

  • Geography
  • Mathematics Extension 2

The letter regarding the Expression of Interest requirements for the Convenor role with the CSSA and the application process is found here. 

Interested applicants are asked to send a Cover Letter and current Curriculum Vitae to Monica O’Brien, Head CSSA Exams at by 9am Tuesday 25 June 2024.


School Updates & Newsletter

Webinar: The Dr Hilary Cass Report on Gender Dysphoria in the UK – is it relevant for Australia? (Ref: 127/24)

The National Association of Practicing Psychiatrists is hosting a webinar with Dr Hilary Cass who will present the findings of her UK NHS report into the treatment of young people who are questioning their gender identity. Following her input, a faculty of senior medical and legal experts will debate the relevance of the Cass recommendations for the Australian setting.

The webinar will take place on 2 July, 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm AEST.

Follow this link for registration details, including the cost of the webinar, and information about presenters.