Professional Learning

Managing suicidality and self harm - Black Dog Webinar (Ref: 65/23)

In response to increasing numbers of students presenting with complex mental health issues, Catholic Schools NSW (CSNSW) partnered with The Black Dog Institute in 2022 to develop guidelines for school counsellors to manage suicidality and self-harm.

In this 60 minute webinar, Dr Kris Kafer from The Black Dog Institute will discuss clinical issues around suicidality and self harm and familiarise staff with the CSNSW guidelines.

The webinar will take place on Tuesday 2 May and will commence at 3.30pm.

This webinar is aimed at principals, assistant principals, school leaders, school counsellors and wellbeing staff, however, anyone interested in increasing their understanding of the process around managing student mental health in a school setting is welcome to attend.

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Register Now: Dr Justin Coulson Webinar: School Sucks! (Ref: 64/23)

School non-attendance is an increasing concern across all education sectors in Australia. Evidence suggests that the causes of non-attendance can be divided into three subcategories: students who dislike coming to school; those with psychosocial issues and those experiencing difficulties at home.

Wellbeing staff, chaplains, school counsellors, student attendance officers and teachers are invited to join Justin Coulson on 3 May at 10.00am for the School Sucks! webinar.

Justin will discuss some of the psychosocial issues around non-attendance and practical strategies staff can use to recognise, respond and support vulnerable students.

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Register today: Positive Schools Conferences for All Primary and Secondary Educators (Ref: 60/23)

Positive Schools is getting ready to present the 15th year of Positive Schools conferences around Australia, and they are excited to be back in Sydney!

Catholic school educators across NSW are invited to attend the conference which will be held from 14-16 June 2023 at the Sydney Masonic Centre.

This year’s event theme is Wellbeing In Action, and will offer presentations and workshops to help school communities be trauma sensitive and inclusive.

All Catholic school educators who register are welcome to use the discount code CATHED23 which will provide a 10% discount on the registration fee.

Please note that this offer can only be used once per person and will last until 30 April, 2023.

Find more information and register here: Positive Schools 2023 LR


School Updates & Newsletter

Register your school’s attendance at the 2023 Indigenous Veterans Commemoration Service (Ref: 72/23)

All NSW schools and students are invited to attend and participate in the 2023 Indigenous Veterans Commemoration Service on Friday 26 May 2023 – 10.40am to 12noon at the Pool of Reflection – Anzac Memorial, Hyde Park Sydney.

The inaugural Indigenous Veterans Commemoration Service in Sydney took place in 2007 and commemorates the service of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Veterans, combining conventional military protocol with indigenous ceremonial display and with a focus on attendance by school children.

Register your school

All NSW schools and students are invited to attend and participate in the service. Join in the opportunity for students to lay a floral tribute using local flora and native plants.

Please register your school’s attendance by emailing Sharon Cooke, Senior Manager, Aboriginal Education (


Wreaths are a symbol of commemoration, and the Indigenous Veterans Commemoration Service Committee acknowledges the importance of local representation from your school and local area.

We encourage schools to make a wreath or floral tribute, as opposed to purchasing them. The connection to your local flora and native plant life is an important element of the service, as they link to country and this simple activity will help reinforce this message.

Local flora and native plants

You can search for your local flora species here (ttps:// Enter your local government area and hit search and try and find these materials to make your wreath or floral tribute.

If you have any further questions, please contact Sharon Cooke (

NOW OPEN: Schools Reconciliation Challenge (Ref: 57/23)

The 2023 Schools Reconciliation Challenge has now been launched.

The theme for this year is:

What Stories will You Dream?

Stories are how we understand the world around us. They inform what we know and shape how we act. The Australia we live in today is built upon the stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Throughout the long history of what is now known as Australia, the world’s oldest living cultures have told and shared stories of culture and Dreaming; stories of hurt and devastation; stories of strength and resilience; stories of change; and stories still unwritten.

In an Australia where racism still exists and health and educational outcomes are significantly poorer for First Nations peoples, this year’s theme asks teachers and students to consider how we can advance the work of those who came before us in creating a fair and equitable society.

What story will you dream for reconciliation?

How will you contribute to making it a reality?

Schools can register now to take part in the challenge, with entries closing Friday 1 September (Term 3, Week 7). There are many links to lessons and activities online to support teachers and schools in participating in the challenge. By registering for the challenge, schools are also eligible to access free and exclusive Schools Reconciliation Challenge webinars.

Together for Humanity’s Intercultural Understanding Partnership (ICUP) Grants (Ref: 67/23)

Together for Humanity, an inclusive educational organisation that seeks to foster intercultural understanding, have just launched a new call for expressions of interest for an Intercultural Understanding Partnerships with schools. It is a funding opportunity that allows schools who are successful to receive up to $10,000 to address an intercultural and/or interfaith challenge in the school community.

ICUP schools can work closely with an experienced, highly skilled facilitator using a collaborative approach to implement and review initiatives that directly address the identified issues.

Projects can address a range of issues including:

  • increased incidents of racism,
  • challenges in schools with a high number of refugee enrolments,
  • providing regional students with an understanding of, and connection to, people from different cultures,
  • facilitating greater belonging for Indigenous students and more.

To apply, complete their online Expression of Interest (EOI) or download the EOI pdf and email it to

Applications close 30 April 2023. Applicants may be contacted for further information.

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted for a follow-up interview. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified by email.

If you have any questions prior to submitting your EOI, please contact Andrea Hogg on or 0493 024 228

For more information see the flyer here: 2024_2025_ICUP_Flyer_Final.

2023 NAPLAN concludes (Ref: 68/23)

NESA has reported a successful 2023 NAPLAN. 2023 NAPLAN was the first time the annual assessment has taken place in March instead of May.
Success has been attributed to close collaboration and attention to preparation by all stakeholders – especially schools and students.

NAPLAN’s move from May to March is one of several improvements to the assessment from 2023 including:

  • Student achievement will be reported using 4 proficiency standards: Exceeding; Strong; Developing and Needs Additional Support rather than 10-bands.
  • A new NAPLAN measurement scale and time series will be implemented.

NESA will provide schools with information on release of results closer to the time.