The Early Years Foundations for Learning project responds to the Australian and International evidence that early learning matters for future school success. In particular it responds to the finding that “Australia needs to create the pre-conditions for excellence in school education by increasing access to high-quality early learning, and engaging parents, carers and students as partners in learning from a child’s early years. This will narrow the variation in student achievement levels when starting school and help to close the differential in achievement levels within schools.”

This resource has been designed to:

  • assist educators to engage families in the early learning of their children;
  • assist families and educators to reflect on how children learn at home and at school;
  • provide practical, evidence-based activities to support literacy and numeracy skills/development aligned to the NSW Syllabus and the Early Years Learning Framework; and
  • reinforce Catholic schools’ commitment to work in partnership with all families to support children’s learning and wellbeing.


This project has benefited greatly from the expertise and wisdom of the early years consultants and teachers across our Catholic schools and early learning centres. We are also grateful to those educators, families and children who let us observe and film them while they were busy at work and play.

Catholic Schools New South Wales is also grateful to the Australian Government for the provision of funds under the Non-Government Reform Support Fund (NGRSF) which has made this project possible.

Key documents: